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A common Indian local style is determined with a dot that is based on the hand enclosed by 4 or 6 similarly formed small facts in a rounded path. All the disposal are also to cap it with henna. This is a basic style and even beginners can practice it easily and the whole process of application gets over in few minutes.
The styles of Native indian differ from simple to sophisticated. The wedding brides usually wear the sophisticated styles during their marriages. These complicated styles carry more details and almost cover 3/4th of the hand and take period of your energy and energy to complete. The styles for you differ according to the shapes.

When using Native indian styles, it is better to leave the Mehndi to dry instantaneously. As the conventional dot style draws more henna, it needs a longer period to dry. If you can add some natural shade enhancers like freshly squeezed orange juice and eucalyptus oil, along with comes out well. It is also recommended that you apply a little bit of grape oil as soon as you eliminate the dry henna instead of cleansing it away with water. This makes your Mehndi glow and stay for extended period.


  1. dekhte hai jab ham in haato ko to kuch yaad karte hai
    yaad jab aati hai uski to ham yhi friyad karte hai
    ki kab hogi unke haato me lgi mehndi
    jo hamko piyar karte hai.......

  2. Thanks Sana Firoz, for your shayari.